Zhuhai Unilink Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ Unilink ”), a subsidiary of the Group, was founded in 2016 with a registered capital of 63 million yuan, and it has more than 100 employees now. IOT is a high-tech enterprise specializing in IoT technology and the R&D, sales and service of intelligent products. The business scope of it covers smart home systems, intelligent cloud lock systems, urban parking management systems, etc. It has more than 100 core patents, among which more than 50 patents are invention patents.

Intelligent Cloud Lock

Based on the intelligent cloud lock of "smart lock core + cloud platform + APP", set “smart lock core” as core technology products and relied on UT cloud platform to provide the function of secondary development, platform SDK, application services (such as privilege management, privilege transfer, etc.), user interface, big data analysis. Focus on the intelligent lock core technology of the Internet of Things to build a standardized and ecologicalized industry lock core, form an industrial ecological alliance, and establish an ecological chain based on intelligent cloud lock core that compatible with international standards such as European standard and American standard. Promote the lock companies to use standard lock cores with top lock core technology, standard system and competitive pricing strategy to help them to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, and improve their market competitiveness continuously. With the continuous promotion and popularization of standard lock cores, and compatible and integration with other intelligent systems and business systems, a new ecological chain - the authority management ecological chain has been established. In the ecological chain, partners enjoy both core technology and industrial resources, as well as opportunities to connect with other partners and industry. Which strength the transformation and upgrading ability of traditional lock companies and promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.

Smart home system

Smart home system has strong ecological capabilities. It develops smart plugin based on the standard equipment capability model and loads it onto the smart host. Realize the zero-change fast access of intelligent hardware across vendors and multiple protocols from the standard level and protocol level, and able to control hardware and adjust the monitoring status through the App. New home network management, smart home debugging will allow users to operate door locks, lamps, home appliances and more new smart terminals on the "cloud" easily. It committed to create a smart home industry chain ecosystem to meet the needs of the scene experience.

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