Zhuhai Sensestar Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd. ("Sensestar"), a subsidiary of the Group, was founded in 2015 with a registered capital of 3.4 million Yuan. It has been committed to the development and promotion of mechanical health monitoring solutions. Sensestar has a professional oil analysis team and has established a large-scale data merging analysis and fault warning platform for wind turbines that can analyze the monitored wear, physical and chemical indicators and other relevant information (such as rotating speed, vibration, generator displacement) integrated. Then, use expert database and unique fault boundary detection algorithm to achieve reliable analysis report and fault warning.

Oil is the "blood" of mechanical equipment, and the excellent quality of the oil is the basis for ensuring the normal operation of the equipment. Transmission chain integrated online monitoring system of core products contains the functions of equipment wear monitoring, oil quality monitoring, fault vibration monitoring and diagnostic, etc. This system communicate device operation information and alarm information to users in a timely manner through carrying out real time online monitoring on content of metal grinding debris (ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic particles), oil quality (water, dielectric constant, viscosity, temperature, density and other physical and chemical indicators) and rely on Internet technology and excellent human-computer interaction to ensure users to view device running status anytime and anywhere.

Products are widely used in places like power generation, engines, hydraulic equipment, compressors, wind turbines, gearboxes and gearbox bearings.

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