Culture of the Enterprise

The writing of “UT”can be completed in one stroke, it has the features of natural, shady and well lit, co-ordination and translucent graceful and elegant in decorous. Which is like writing a bright future for the unlimited development of UT Group!

“UT” contains the “V” of victory, which means that UT Group’s adherence to credibility is the most valuable asset. The core values of this company make the team consistent, mutual benefit and win-win, and work together to gain the victory!

“UT” is also a screw that constantly strives to move forward. It means the brand spirits that UT Group is constantly researching diligently, constantly innovating and developing, constantly pursuing excellence, and bravely breaking through all the difficulties to create greater value for the country and the public!

Behind the new brand logo, UT Group demonstrates its determination and confidence to take root in the country and walk to the world, and strives to show the internationalized brand value of UT Group.

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